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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on November 21, 2011

Above & Beyond
“Formula Rossa” [New Trance Musik]

VIDEO: “Painted Love” [PopDirt]

Asher Monroe
VIDEO: “Like I Do” [Popcrush]

Austin Brown
“Midnight Man” [Soul Bounce]

Azealia Banks
“Grand Scam (Lyrical Experience)” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

VIDEOS: “I Was Here” and “End of Time” [RnB Music Blog]

Big Pink
“Hit the Ground (Superman)” [electronic beats]

Big Time Rush
VIDEO: “Music Sounds Better with U” [Popcrush]

The Blizzard and Yuri Kane feat. Relyk
“Everything About You” [New Trance Music]

VIDEO: “Wine” [XLR8R]

Blu feat. U-God
VIDEO: “DoinNothin'” [electronic beats]

Bob Sinclair feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
“Fuck with You” [Idolator]

Bobbie Gordon
VIDEO: “Better” [That’s My Jam]

Body Language
VIDEO: “Holiday” [That’s My Jam]

Boyz II Men feat. Charlie Wilson
VIDEO: “More Than You’ll Ever Know” [Soul Bounce]

“Silent Night” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Chris Brown feat. Kevin McCall
“Strip” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Colonel Red
“Rain A Fall” [Soul Bounce]

Curt Chambers
“Grass is Greener” [Soul Bounce]

Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn
“Better Half of Me” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “House” [Get Hyped On This]

Dev feat. Fabolous
“Kiss My Lips” [Popcrush]

Dia Frampton
VIDEO: “The Broken Ones” [PopDirt]

DJ Shadow and Little Dragon
VIDEO: “Scale It Back” [Soul Bounce]

Electric Empire
“Yes I Will” [Soul Bounce]

Elle Varner
“Refill” [Soul Bounce]

Eric Lau feat. Guilty Simpson
“The Mission” [Soul Bounce]

Eryn Woods
VIDEO: “This is My Shhh” [PopDirt]

Eryn Woods
VIDEO: “Gangstas, Geeks & Freaks” [PopDirt]

VIDEO: “Free” [Popcrush]

“Visitor” [electronic beats]

VIDEO: “Third” (Max Cooper Remix) [electronic beats]

James Durbin
VIDEO: “Love Me Bad” [Idolator]

“Anything Goes” [Bama Soul]

Jessie J feat. David Guetta
“Laser Light” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jin Akanishi feat. Jason DeRulo
VIDEO: “Test Drive” [Popcrush]

John O’Callaghan feat. Cathy Burton
“Perfection” (Shogun Remix) [New Trance Music]

John West feat. Big Sean
VIDEO: “Already There” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Jordy Towers
VIDEO: “Money Money” [PopDirt]

Jordy Towers
“Don’t Say It’s Over” [PopDirt]

“Go to Work” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Katy Perry
VIDEO: “The One That Got Away” [We Are Pop Slags]

Keith Robinson
VIDEO: “My Hustle” [Soul Bounce]

“Tingy” [Bama Soul]

Kimberly Nichole
“Seven Nation Army” [Soul Bounce]

VIDEO: “November Skies” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Liam Bailey and The Dynamic Set
VIDEO: “When Will They Learn” [Soul Bounce]

Lil Eddie
“Crucify” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Little Boots
“Shake” [Idolator]

Los Aldeanos, Danay Suarez and Silvito El Libre
“Check La Rima” [Bama Soul]

Lynzie Kent
VIDEO: “Whoop-Dee-Doo” [PopDirt]

Mariah Carey feat. John Legend
“When Christmas Comes” [Soul Bounce]

Mary J. Blige feat. Beyoncé
“Love a Woman” [Idolator]

Mary J. Blige
“Ain’t Nobody” [Soul Bounce]

Mat Zo and Arty
“Mozart” [New Trance Music]

VIDEO: “The Resistance” [Get Hyped On This]

Michael Bublé
VIDEO: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” [Popcrush]

Mike Posner feat. Bun B
“Rocket Man” [Popdust]

Mike Posner feat. Big K.R.I.T.
“Wonderwall” [Popdust]

Nite Jewel
“She’s Always Watching You” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

VIDEO: “Stubborn” [Soul Bounce]

Penguin Prison
VIDEO: “Don’t Fuck with My Money” [Idolator]

Peter Hadar
VIDEO: “Your Body” [Soul Bounce]

PJ Morton feat. Jazmine Sullivan
“Built for Love” [Soul Bounce]

Rebecca Black
VIDEO: “Person of Interest” [PopDirt]

“Red Lipstick” [Popdust]

“Do Ya Thing” [Popdust]

Riva Star and Fatboy Slim feat. Beardyman
“Get Naked” [electronic beats]

Royce Wood Jr. feat. Michael MacWoonald
“Jodie” [Soul Bounce]

Sammy Adams
“Blow Up” [Idolator]

Selena Gomez & the Scene
VIDEO: “Hit the Lights” [Popdust]

“Drop Dead” (Blende Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

Sky Ferreira
VIDEO: “Traces” [PopDirt]

The Slakadeliqs feat. Justin Nozuka
VIDEO: “Love Controls the Sun” [Bama Soul]

Super Smoky Soul feat. Muhsinah
“More” [Soul Bounce]

Tiffany Evans
VIDEO: “Won’t Find Me” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Toni Braxton
“Hat Off” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Traci Lords
VIDEO: “Last Drag” [That’s My Jam]

Yolanda Be Cool feat. Crystal Waters
VIDEO: “Le Bump” [ – Dance]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on May 2, 2011

Aloe Blacc
“99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothing” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Asia Cruise
“Cruise Control” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

ATB & Dash Berlin
“Apollo Road” [New Trance Music]

Aubrey O’Day
“Automatic” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Blake Ladd
“By My Side” [That’s My Jam]

Britney Spears feat. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha
“Till the World Ends” (Remix) [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Calvin Harris feat. Kelis
“Bounce” [Idolator]

Chipmunk feat. Trey Songz
“Take Off” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Chris Brown
“Treading Water” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Christina Perri
“Tragedy” [Idolator]

Colette Carr
“(We Do It) Primo” [Prophet Blog]

David Guetta feat. 50 Cent
“Bullshit & Party” [Popdust]

VIDEO: “Innervision” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “Begging Me” [Prophet Blog]

Gold Panda
VIDEO: “Marriage” [XLR8R]

Hayden Panettiere
VIDEO: “I Can Do It Alone” [We Are Pop Slags]

Her Majesty & The Wolves
VIDEO: “Goodbye, Goodnight” [We Are Pop Slags]

Holy Ghost!
VIDEO: “Wait & See” [Chart Rigger]

Hot Chelle Rae
VIDEO: “Tonight, Tonight” [PopDirt]

VIDEO: “Adolescents” [Prophet Blog]

Jay Park
VIDEO: “Abandoned” [Prophet Blog]

Jennifer Lopez
“Hypnotico” [Popdust]

Jill Scott feat. Anthony Hamilton
“So In Love” [Idolator]

Kat DeLuna
“Drop It Low” [Prophet Blog]

Kathy Sledge feat. Adam Barta
“Give Yourself Up” []

Kelly Price feat. Stokely
VIDEO: “Not My Daddy” [Bring Da Beat Back]

KeKe Wyatt feat. Ruben Studdard
VIDEO: “Saturday Love” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Lil Eddie
“Till the End of the World” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Linkin Park
“Iridescent” [Prophet Blog]

Lykke Li
VIDEO: “Sadness is a Blessing” [Popdust]

Mario & Vidis feat. Ernesto
“Change” [24:hours]

Matthew Morrison
VIDEO: “Still Got Tonight” [Idolator]

“Pussy is Mine” [C.S. Perspective]

“Do We Have To” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Mya feat. Sean Paul
“Rear-View Mirror” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Natalia Kills
“Acid Annie” [Prophet Blog]

Natalie Mejia
“All the Way” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Neon Hitch
VIDEO: “U + Me” [Prophet Blog]

Nikki & Rich feat. Fabolous
VIDEO: “Shine” [Idolator]

VIDEO: “First They Fire” [XLR8R]

Ricky Martin
VIDEO: “Mas” [We Are Pop Slags]

Ryan York
VIDEO: “Zipperlegs” [XLR8R]

“Love is Found” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Sick” [XLR8R]

“Embody” (MMMatthias Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

“My Buttons” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Going Down (in La-La-Land)” [That’s My Jam]

Sky Ferreira
“108” [PopDirt]

Sky Ferreira
“Traces” [PopDirt]

VIDEO: “Mr. Taxi” [Prophet Blog]

Stevie Nicks
VIDEO: “Secret Love” [Prophet Blog]

VIDEO: “I Really Miss You” [PopDirt]

Studio Killers
VIDEO: “Ode to the Bouncer” [PopDirt]

Tim & Jean
VIDEO: “I Can Show You” []

Wynter Gordon
“Putting It Out There (Pride)” []

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on April 4, 2011

Aeroplane vs. Friendly Fires vs. Giselle
“Crave Paris” (Flight Facilities Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

Alana Lee
VIDEO: “Butterflies” [Idolator]

Alex Guadino feat. Kelly Rowland
“What a Feeling” []

Bad Boy Bill feat. Alyssa Palmer
“If I Tell You” []

VIDEO: “Fav Things” [PopDirt]

Big Time Rush feat. Snoop Dogg
“Boyfriend” (Jump Smokers Remix) [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Britney Spears
“Scary” [We Are Pop Slags]

Britney Spears
“Till the World Ends” (Jump Smokers Remix) [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Britney Spears
“Till the World Ends” (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix) [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Cataracs feat. Dev
“Turnt 4 Da Weekend” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Chipmunk feat. Keri Hilson
VIDEO: “In the Air” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Chris Brown
“All About You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Asthma Attack” [We Are Pop Slags]

Etienne de Crecy
“No Brain” (Paul Chambers Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

“All Night Long” [That’s My Jam]

“Vaccine” [Popdust]

Far East Movement
“Candy” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Need Some Action” [That’s My Jam]

Imogen Heap
“Lifeline” [Prophet Blog]

Jackie Boyz
“Lighthouse” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jamie Woon
“Lady Luck” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Jay Frog
VIDEO: “It’s Alright” [PopDirt]

Jay Sean
“Moment to Love” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil Wayne
“I’m Into You” [We Are Pop Slags]

Jennifer Lopez
“Invading My Mind” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Awaken” (Thomas Gold Remix) [PopDirt]

Jocelyn Enriquez
“If I’m Falling in Love” (Freestyle Remix) [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West
VIDEO: “E.T.” [Prophet Blog]

VIDEO: “My Name is Kay” [PopDirt]

VIDEO: “Love” []

Kelly Rowland
“I’m Dat Chick” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Keri Hilson
“Shades” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kid Cudi
“Capcom” [Idolator]

Kimberly Caldwell
“Heart Like Mine” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Pieces of Me” [That’s My Jam]

Lil Eddie
“You Should Be With Me” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Don’t You Wanna Know” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Body” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Fire Drill” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Marques Houston feat. Immature
VIDEO: “Ghetto Angel” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Mary J. Blige feat. Diddy & Lil Wayne
“Someone to Love Me (Naked)” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“In Your Arms Tonight” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Mindless Behavior feat. Ciara, Tyga & Lil Twist
VIDEO: “My Girl” (Remix) [That’s My Jam]

Natalia Kills
“Heaven” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Natalia Kills
VIDEO: “Wonderland” [C.S. Perspective]

New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys
“Don’t Turn Out the Lights” [We Are Pop Slags]

Nicole Scherzinger?
“Desperate” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“The Game Has Changed” [Idolator]

R. Kelly
“Make It Rain” (Remix) [RnB Music Blog]

Sky Ferreira
“99 Tears” [We Are Pop Slags]

Swizz Beatz feat. Eve
“Everyday (Coolin’)” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Taragana Pyjarama
VIDEO: “Girls” [XLR8R]

Teddybears feat. Robyn
“Cardiac Arrest” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Zoë Badwi
VIDEO: “Freefallin'” (New Version) [We Are Pop Slags]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on February 28, 2011

Andre Mieux
“Swag” [That’s My Jam]

Anoop Desai
VIDEO: “All is Fair (Crazy Love)” [PopDirt]

Cut Copy
VIDEO: “Need You Now” [PopDirt]

Eden Effect
VIDEO: “Blame Game” [PopDirt]

“Over You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Sunday” [We Are Pop Slags]

Jackie Boyz
“Starship” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jaya feat. Wretch 32 & Young Simmons
VIDEO: “Outta Control” [Grown Folks Musik]

Jazmine Sullivan
“Good Enough” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jennifer Hudson
VIDEO: “Where You At” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jessie J
“I Need This” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jodie Connor feat. Tinchy Stryder
VIDEO: “Bring It” [We Are Pop Slags]

“Drive Me Insane” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Katy B
“Broken Record” [C.S. Perspective]

VIDEO: “Blow” [We Are Pop Slags]

Kevin Cossom
“My Love,” “On and On” and “Change Yo Mind” [C.S. Perspective]

Lupe Fiasco
“All Black Everything” [C.S. Perspective]

Margaret Berger
“In a Box” [We Are Pop Slags]

Marsha Ambrosius
“Late Nights & Early Mornings” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Marvin Priest
VIDEO: “Own This Club” [PopDirt]

Mask Monkeys
VIDEO: “This Night” []

VIDEO: “She Wants” [PopDirt]

Mya feat. Iyaz
“Runnin’ Back” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Namie Amuro
“Make It Happen” feat. After School and “Wonder Woman” [Prophet Blog]

“Give Me Everything” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Weeeird Science” [XLR8R]

Sean Kingston
“VIDEO: “Won’t Stop” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Sidney Samson vs. Tara McDonald
“Set Me on Fire” []

Sky Ferreira
“Sex Rules” [Prophet Blog]

Timbaland feat. Lyrica Anderson
“Mentally” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Timothy Bloom feat. Bozeman
VIDEO: “‘Til the End of Time” [RnBDirt]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on February 21, 2011

VIDEO: “Why” [Prophet Blog]

Aeroplane feat. Sky Ferreira
“Without Lies” []

Anthony David feat. Algebra & Phote
VIDEO: “4Ever More” [HipHopDX]

Ashlee Williss
VIDEO: “The Bottom” [PopDirt]

Bag Raiders feat. Dan Black
VIDEO: “Sunlight” []

Ben Westbeech
VIDEO: “Falling” [PopDirt]

Benny Benassi feat. T-Pain
VIDEO: “Electroman” [PopDirt]

Beth Ditto
VIDEO: “I Wrote the Book” [We Are Pop Slags]

Black Devil Disco Club
“In Doubt” (Danger Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

Blake Ladd
VIDEO: “Me & You” [That’s My Jam]

Bobby V.
VIDEO: “Rockwitcha” [That’s My Jam]

Bobina feat. Betsie Larkin
“You Belong to Me” [New Trance Music]

Bridgit Mendler
VIDEO: “This is My Paradise” [PopDirt]

Bright Light Bright Light
VIDEO: “How To Make a Heart” [We Are Pop Slags]

Britney Spears
VIDEO: “Hold It Against Me” [That’s My Jam]

VIDEO: “Bodies” [Bring Da Beat Back]

“Robot Sex” [Idolator]

Chilly Gonzales
VIDEO: “You Can Dance” [PopDirt]

Chris Crocker
“I Want Your Bite” [Prophet Blog]

Chromeo feat. Elly Jackson
VIDEO: “Hot Mess” [Prophet Blog]

Conya Doss
VIDEO: “All in You” [Grown Folks Musik]

Creep feat. Romy Madley
VIDEO: “Days” [Prophet Blog]

Cristina Spatar
VIDEO: “Embrace” [PopDirt]

Diddy feat. Chris Brown
VIDEO: “Yesterday” [RnB Music Blog]

Dirty Money
“Sade” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

DJ Snake feat. Eva Simons
“Pressure in the Club” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad
VIDEO: “Space Juke” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “Excerpts” [PopDirt]

“Penelope Dickstop” [Get Hyped On This]

Faith Evans
VIDEO: “Right Here” [RnB Music Blog]

Fallon & Felisha
VIDEO: “Infected” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Feed Me
“Grand Theft Ecstasy” []

VIDEO: “Oops Sorry” (DJ From Mars Remix) [PopDirt]

Frankie J
“You & I” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Gabry Ponte feat. Maya Days
VIDEO: “Sexy DJ (In Da Club)” []

Gatto Fritto
“Hex” [24:hours]

VIDEO: “Baby Good Night” [Prophet Blog]

“Hate Love” [Prophet Blog]

Governor feat. 50 Cent
VIDEO: “Here We Go Again” [Grown Folks Musik]

VIDEO: “Oxygen” []

VIDEO: “American Trash” [Prophet Blog]

Isaac Aesili feat. Aaradhna & Buff1
VIDEO: “With You In My Bed” [Grown Folks Musik]

VIDEO: “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” [Prophet Blog]

J. Holiday
“Float Away” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jacob Latimore feat. Diggy Simmons
VIDEO: “Like ‘Em All” [C.S. Perspective]

James Blake
VIDEO: “The Wilhelm Scream” [Prophet Blog]

Jared Evan
VIDEO: “Falling Down” [Grown Folks Musik]

Jasmine Villegas
VIDEO: “All These Boys” [Idolator]

Jay Sean
“Home” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jazmine Sullivan
“Take Over You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jennifer Lopez
“Take Care” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jessie J
“Casualty of Love” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Like Magic” [RnBDirt]

K. Michelle
“How Many Times” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

VIDEO: “Come Back You Bad Person” [Prophet Blog]

Karina Pasian
“Fingerprints” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kaskade & Adam K feat. Sunsun
“Raining” []

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West
“E.T.” (Remix) [Idolator]

Keri Hilson
“Drippin'” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Koda Kumi
VIDEO: “Pop Diva” [Prophet Blog]

“Ace of Hz” []

Lee Carr
VIDEO: “When You’re In Love” [Grown Folks Musik]

Lenny Harold
“The Phoenix Cry” [That’s My Jam]

Lil Eddie
“Dance of a Broken Heart” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Lil Kim
VIDEO: “Black Friday” [Prophet Blog]

“Cupid” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Lykki Li
VIDEO: “I Follow Rivers” [We Are Pop Slags]

Lykki Li
“Love out of Lust” [We Are Pop Slags]

Matías Aguayo
VIDEO: “Ritmo Juarez” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “That’s the Truth” [We Are Pop Slags]

Miranda Cosgrove
VIDEO: “Dancing Crazy” [That’s My Jam]

VIDEO: “Keep My Secret” [XLR8R]

“Dash” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Nadia Ali
VIDEO: “Rapture” [Prophet Blog]

Nakia Henry
VIDEO: “Love Letter (He Wants Me to Win)” [Grown Folks Musik]

Nicki Minaj feat. Drake
VIDEO: “Moment 4 Life” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Nikki Grier
VIDEO: “Broke My Heart” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Forgot About Love” [RnB Music Blog]

Operator Please
VIDEO: “Catapult” [Prophet Blog]

Penny Foster
“Closer to Love” []

Phil Manley
VIDEO: “FT2 Theme” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “Reset” [PopDirt]

“Call Your Girlfriend” []

Savage Skulls & Douster feat. Robyn
VIDEO: “Bad Gal” []

VIDEO: “You Got Me (I Got You)” [XLR8R]

Sean Kingston feat. Akon
“You Girl” [RnB Music Blog]

“Mosaik” [Get Hyped On This]

Sleigh Bells
VIDEO: “Rill Rill” [Prophet Blog]

Smokey Robotic
VIDEO: “Outside the Lines (Uptown)” [PopDirt]

Snoop Dogg feat. R. Kelly
“Platinum” [HipHopDX]

Star Slinger
VIDEO: “Mornin'” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “Lovedrum” [PopDirt]

Teairra Mari
VIDEO: “Stranger” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Teedra Moses
VIDEO: “R U 4 Real” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Teenage Bad Girl
“Keep Up with You” (Kartell Remix) [Get Hyped On This]

Tim Hecker
VIDEO: “The Piano Drop” [XLR8R]

Tina feat. Fat Joe
VIDEO: “So Good” [Prophet Blog]

Travis Garland
VIDEO: “Everything Right Now” [PopDirt]

Trey Songz
VIDEO: “Love Faces” [RnB Music Blog]

Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto
“Lifted” (Mat Zo Remix) [New Trance Music]

The Wanted
“Gold Forever” [We Are Pop Slags]

Within Temptation
VIDEO: “Faster” [Prophet Blog]

Ying Yang Twins
“Boomerang” [C.S. Perspective]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on January 10, 2011

2AM vs. Darude feat. Georgia Haege
“Crazy World” []

Avril Lavigne
VIDEO: “Mobile” [Idolator]

VIDEO: “Virgin Pacific” [XLR8R]

Bobby V
VIDEO: “Words” [That’s My Jam]

Chris Crocker
VIDEO: “Freak of Nature” [Prophet Blog]

Clare Maguire
VIDEO: “The Last Dance” [Prophet Blog]

David Archuleta
“Senseless” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

David Guetta feat. Miguel
“Raise Your Hands” [Idolator]

VIDEO: “Kill a Man with a Joystick in Your Hand” [XLR8R]

de Montevert
“High on You” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Destinee Superstar
VIDEO: “Mumma’s Little Princess” [Prophet Blog]

Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker
VIDEO: “Synchronize” [XLR8R]

“Hurt You Again” and “Warrior” [C.S. Perspective]

Greazy feat. Stapleton
VIDEO: “Need for Mirrors” [Get Hyped On This]

Hercules and Love Affair
VIDEO: “My House” [XLR8R]

Iyaz and David Guetta
“Last Forever” [We Are Pop Slags]

VIDEO: “One” [Prophet Blog]

Jewel Kid
“Lena” []

JLS feat. Tinie Tempah
VIDEO: “Eyes Wide Shut” [Idolator]

Josh Xantus
“Letters” [That’s My Jam]

Laurel Halo
VIDEO: “Metal Confection” [XLR8R]

VIDEO: “I’m Still Hot” []

Lykke Li
“I Follow Rivers” [Prophet Blog]

“I Want Love” [Prophet Blog]

Marsha Ambrosius
VIDEO: “Far Away” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Melanie Fiona
“Gone & Never Coming Back” [Prophet Blog]

Michelle Williams
“If You Wanna Go” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Miranda Cosgrove
“Dancing Crazy” [That’s My Jam]

Mitchel Musso
VIDEO: “Just Go” [That’s My Jam]

Mohombi feat. Nicole Scherzinger
“Coconut Tree” [Idolator]

Mount Kimbie
VIDEO: “Before I Move Off” [XLR8R]

Natasha Bedingfield feat. Ne-Yo
“The Little Things” [Idolator]

Raphael Saadiq
VIDEO: “Radio” [Prophet Blog]

“Back 2 the Club” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“S&M” (Dark Intensity Remix) [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Sky Ferreira
“American Dream” [We Are Pop Slags]

Snoop Dogg
VIDEO: “Wet” [Idolator]

Sophia Cruz
VIDEO: “Under Your Spell” [PopDirt]

Toxic Avenger
VIDEO: “Angst One” [Get Hyped On This]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on October 18, 2010


Bobby DeBarge Jr.
“For You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

El DeBarge feat. Faith Evans
“Lay with You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Findlay Brown
“Promised Land” (Villa Mix) [24:hours]

Flo Rida
“Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)” [Idolator]

Frankie J
“I Wanna Be the One” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Jamie Foxx feat. Rick Ross
“Living Better Now” [Idolator]

Jennifer Lopez
“Starting Over” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Josh Groban
“Voce Existe Em Mim” [C.S. Perspective]

Justin Michael & Kemal feat. Heather Bright
“Trouble” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Karina Pasian
“(You’re Gonna Be) My First Love” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kelly Rowland
“We Can Do It” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kelly Rowland
“Wonderful Christmastime” [Idolator]

Kelly Rowland
“Forever Is Just a Minute Away” [Idolator]

Kevin Cossom feat. Fabolous & Diddy
“Baby I Like It” [That’s My Jam]

“We R Who We R” [Chart Rigger]

Keyshia Cole feat. Nicki Minaj
“I Ain’t Thru” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kid Cudi feat. Cage
“Maniac” [Idolator]

Lady Antebellum
“All I Want for Christmas is You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Lee DeWyze
“Sweet Serendipity” [Idolator]

“What’s In Your Head Zombie” [Prophet Blog]

Matt Palmer
“Bigger Than Love” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Natalia Kills
“Wonderland” [Idolator]

Nicole Scherzinger
“Poison” [We Are Pop Slags]

Oliver Twizt feat. Maluca
“Loca” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Pixie Lott feat. Jason DeRulo
“Coming Home” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“A Child is Born” [We Are Pop Slags]

Rihanna feat. Drake
“What’s My Name” [Idolator]

Robert Nickson and Ruben de Ronde
“Superlative” (Jo Micali Remix) [New Trance Music]

“Indestructible” [Idolator]

“Islands” [C.S. Perspective]

Sky Ferreira
“Elevator” [We Are Pop Slags]

Sky Ferreira
“Untouchable” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Taylor Swift
“Back to December” [C.S. Perspective]


“Angel” [PopDirt]

Alyssa Shouse
“Overnight Celebrity” [PopDirt]

Amp Live
“Chick Pop” [That’s My Jam]

“Remember Me” [PopDirt]

Christian TV
“Let’s Just Fuck” [PopDirt]

“Gimme Dat” [RnBDirt]

Clare Maguire
“Ain’t Nobody” [PopDirt]

Crystal Fighters
“Swallow” [PopDirt]

Eric Benét
“Sometimes I Cry” [RnB Music Blog]

Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon
“Believer” [We Are Pop Slags]

“Chains” [XLR8R]

“Cash and Carry Me” [XLR8R]

The Gossip
“Men in Love” [Prophet Blog]

Gwyneth Paltrow
“Country Strong” [Idolator]

“Stay” [Chart Rigger]

Ilisa Juried
“Sensation” [PopDirt]

Jordan Corey
“Truth” [PopDirt]

Kat Graham
“Sassy” [Prophet Blog]

“Share My Life” [Grown Folks Musik]

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West
“Erase Me” [Idolator]

“Lay It Down” [Grown Folks Musik]

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL feat. Boy George
“Somebody to Love Me” [We Are Pop Slags]

McFly feat. Taio Cruz
“Shine a Light” [We Are Pop Slags]

Mike Posner
“Please Don’t Go” [We Are Pop Slags]

Raheem DeVaughn feat. Wale
Greatness” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Only Girl in the World” [Idolator]

Samantha James
“Subconscious” [That’s My Jam]

Swedish House Mafia feat. Tinie Tempah
“Miami 2 Ibiza” [C.S. Perspective]

Take That
“The Flood” [Chart Rigger]

“Bump” (Shoes Remix) [Idolator]

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Heard Around the Web [New Jams]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on October 4, 2010


Ashley Roberts
“A Summer Place” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Great Escape” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Brian Eno
“2 Forms of Anger” [XLR8R]

“Running Away” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Chiddy Bang
“Bad Day” [Idolator]

Chris Brown feat. Fabolous, T.I., Drake, Kanye West & Andre 3000
“Deuces” (All Stars Remix) [Idolator]

Christian Rich feat. Colin Munroe
“Say My Name” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Shut Em Up” [RnB Music Blog]

Faith Evans feat. Keyshia Cole
“Can’t Stay Away” [Bring Da Beat Back]

Faithless feat. Dido
“Feelin’ Good” (Ferry Corsten Remix) [New Trance Music]

Fallon & Felisha
“Lights Out” [Prophet Blog]

Fierce Angel feat. Oxford Hustlers & Katherine Ellis
“Love U More” []

Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders
“Fight the Sunshine” [New Trance Music]

“Hey Sexy Lady” [That’s My Jam]

Jazmine Sullivan
“10 Seconds” [RnB Music Blog]

M.I.A. feat. Blaqstarr
“Lemme Hump You” [C.S. Perspective]

Mariah Carey
“Oh Santa” [We Are Pop Slags]

Maroon 5
“Just a Feeling” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Miley Cyrus
“See You in Another Life” [Idolator]

Nelly Furtado
“What You Want to Do (The Night is Young)” [C.S. Perspective]

Robbie Williams feat. Gary Barlow
“Heart & I” [We Are Pop Slags]

Tiffany Evans
“I’ll Be There” [C.S. Perspective]

Will Downing feat. Dave Hollister
“Safe in His Arms” [That’s My Jam]

Wynter Gordon
“Walk on Water” [Don’t Stop the Musik]


Allstar Weekend
“Come Down with Love” [PopDirt]

“Copy & Paste” [Prophet Blog]

“Intoxicated” [C.S. Perspective]

Cara Salimando
“Dust” [PopDirt]

“Speechless” [C.S. Perspective]

First State feat. Relyk
“Cross the Line” [PopDirt]

Good Charlotte
“Like It’s Her Birthday” [Prophet Blog]

“White Knuckle Ride” [We Are Pop Slags]

“Blue Skies” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

Jeremih feat. 50 Cent
“Down on Me” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Love You More” [We Are Pop Slags]

Justin Bieber
“U Smile” [Idolator]

Karina Bradley feat. Papoose
“Everybody Knows” [Prophet Blog]

“Scream” [We Are Pop Slags]

“Let the Sun Shine” [We Are Pop Slags]

Maddslinky feat. Omar
“Special” [RnBDirt]

“Bam” [PopDirt]

Maximum Balloon feat. Theophilus London
“Groove Me” [PopDirt]

Michael Bublé
“Hollywood” [Prophet Blog]

“Familiar” [PopDirt]

Nadine Coyle
“Insatiable” [We Are Pop Slags]

Never Shout Never
“lovesick” [PopDirt]

“If You Want It” [PopDirt]

“The Drug” [Prophet Blog]

“Slow” [Grown Folks Musik]

Shakira feat. Dizzee Rascal
“Loca” [Prophet Blog]

“Perfect Nightmare” [We Are Pop Slags]

Sky Ferreira
“One” [Chart Rigger]

Tim Berg feat. Amanda Wilson
“Seek Bromance” [PopDirt]

Tim Turbo feat. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana
“Hush (Iggy, Iggy)” [XLR8R]

“Sugar Daddy” [Grown Folks Musik]

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Heard Around the Web [New Music]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on August 30, 2010


“Once Radio” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Audio Playground
“Shadows” [That’s My Jam]

Brandon Flowers
“Swallow It” [C.S. Perspective]

“Fuck You” [C.S. Perspective]

Chris Brown feat. Parlay Starr & Tyga
“Like You” [RnB Music Blog]

Chris Brown
“Without You” [C.S. Perspective]

DJ Dan
“Fascinated” []

Donell Jones feat. Yung Joc
“Strip Club” [RnB Music Blog]

Fefe Dobson
“Stuttering” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Heidi Montag
“Bad Boy” [Prophet Blog]

Her Majesty & the Wolves
“Glaciers” [Prophet Blog]

Hurts feat. Kylie Minogue
“Devotion” [We Are Pop Slags]

Jessi Malay
“On You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Kat Graham
“Cold-Hearted Snake” [Prophet Blog]

Krys Ivory
“Black Tear Drops” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Lil Eddie
“Checkout” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Mary J. Blige
“Break Up to Make Up” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Mindless Behavior
“My Girl” [That’s My Jam]

“One in a Million” [Idolator]

Nicki Minaj feat. Will.I.Am
“Check it Out” [Idolator]

Pixie Lott
“Broken Arrow” [We Are Pop Slags]

R. Kelly
“When a Woman Loves” [RnB Music Blog]

Santana feat. India.Arie & Yo-Yo Ma
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Sara Bareilles
“Hold My Heart” [Idolator]

“Perfect Nightmare” [Prophet Blog]

Sky Ferreira
“Whatcha Gonna Do” [C.S. Perspective]

Slash feat. Fergie
“Beautiful Dangersous” [Prophet Blog]

Stan Walker
“All I Need” and “Homesick” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Super8 & Tabe
“Mercy” (Andy Duguid Remix) [New Trance Music]

Tenna Torres
“Catch Me if You Can” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Trey Songz
“Love Faces” and “Freaky Dance” feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz [Idolator]

Wyclef Jean
“Pou Kepa” [Idolator]


“Double Vision” [Idolator]

Ace of Base
“All for You” [Chart Rigger]

Bobby V. feat. Plies
“Phone Number” [That’s My Jam]

Brendan James
“The Fall” [PopDirt]

Darius & Finlay feat. Nicco
“Hold On” []

Diana Vickers
“The Boy Who Murdered Love” []

Digital Dog
“Firing Line” []

Elisabeth Withers
“No Regrets” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Confide in Me” [We Are Pop Slags]

I Blame Coco
“Quicker” [PopDirt]

Jeremih feat. Ludacris
“I Like” [RnB Music Blog]

Kaci Battaglia feat. Ludacris
“Body Shots” [Prophet Blog]

Kareem Rush
“Hold You Down (Promises)” [Grown Folks Musik]

KT Tunstall
“(Still A) Weirdo” [PopDirt]

Lil Rufus
“Merry Go Round” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Shape of My Heart” [PopDirt]

LV & Okmalumkoolkat
“Boomslang” [XLR8R]

Marques Houston
“High Notes” [Grown Folks Musik]

MdCL presents Sy Smith
“TRUTH” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Party Girl” [We Are Pop Slags]

Nadia Kay
“Captain SkyLove” [PopDirt]

“Supermagic” [PopDirt]

Robbie Rivera
“We Live for the Music” [PopDirt]

Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow
“Shame” [We Are Pop Slags]

“Secret” [RnB Music Blog]

Talay Riley
“Humanoid” [PopDirt]

Taylor Swift
“Mine” [Prophet Blog]

Tegan & Sara
“Northshore” [PopDirt]

“Soft Vision” [XLR8R]

TWiiNS feat. Culprit
“Boys” [Prophet Blog]

Usher feat. Pitbull
“DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” [We Are Pop Slags]

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Heard Around the Web [New Music]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on August 23, 2010


Aly & Fila feat. Katherine Crowe
“It Will Be OK” [New Trance Music]

“Burnin'” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Night Nurse” [Idolator]

“Lose My Mind” [Idolator]

“Speechless” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Kissed by the Sun” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Donna Summer
“To Paris with Love” [Prophet Blog]

Eva Simons
“Take Over Control” [We Are Pop Slags]

“The Thrill is Gone” [RnB Music Blog]

“Who’s Been Lovin’ You” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Falling in Love Tonight” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

“Fascinate Me” (Fred Falke Edit), “Give Me Your Love,” “You Wanna Start Something” and “Call 911” (Florrie Remix) [Prophet Blog]

Jamie Foxx feat. T.I. & Soulja Boy
“Yep That’s Me” [Idolator]

Karina Pasian
“Air of the Night” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Katy Perry
“E.T.” [C.S. Perspective]

Katy Perry
“Firework” and “Peacock” [Prophet Blog]

Kelly Rowland
“Forever and a Day” [Prophet Blog]

Keri Hilson
“Last Time” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Keri Hilson
“Breaking Point” [C.S. Perspective]

“Lay It Down” [RnB Music Blog]

“Lionheart” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Marina & The Diamonds
“Shampain” [Prophet Blog]

Mario Winans
“Heartbreaker” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL
“The Bike Song” [Idolator]

Maroon 5
“Give a Little More” [Idolator]

Natasha Bedingfield
“Strip Me” [Idolator]

“One Life” [Idolator]

Sky Ferreira
“Obsession” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Taylor Swift
“Permanent Marker” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Teairra Mari
“Stranger” [Don’t Stop the Musik]

Ting Tings
“Hands” [C.S. Perspective]


Alexandra Burke
“Start Without You” [We Are Pop Slags]

Armin van Buuren & Sophie Ellis-Bextor
“Not Giving Up on Love” [Prophet Blog]

Bright Light Bright Light
“Love Part II” []

“Percolator 2010” [XLR8R]

Dan Black
“Alone” [PopDirt]

El DeBarge
“Second Chance” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Time Won’t Tell” [XLR8R]

Ellen Allien
“Sun the Rain” [XLR8R]

Jawan Harris
“Nobody” [Grown Folks Musik]

Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj
“2012 (It Ain’t the End)” [Idolator]

John Legend & The Roots feat. Melanie Fiona & Common
“Wake Up Everybody” [Idolator]

Kris Allen feat. Pat Monahan
“The Truth” [Prophet Blog]

Lauren Pritchard
“Painkillers” [Mixtape Maestro (2.0)]

“Sun in My Pocket” [PopDirt]

Lumidee feat. Chase Manhattan
“Alors on Danse” [Grown Folks Musik]

Natalia Lesz
“Radio Active” [PopDirt]

Scissor Sisters
“Any Which Way” [Idolator]

Sir Froderick
“Loverazor” [Grown Folks Musik]

“Stilettos” [PopDirt]

Sonyae Elise
“Human Error” [Grown Folks Musik]

Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj
“Bottoms Up” [Bring Da Beat Back]

“Murder Weapon” [XLR8R]

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