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[OPINION] In Which Mary J. Blige Tries to Dance

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on April 3, 2012

Did Mary’s potentially image-ruining Burger King commercial have you crying fowl?
No matter your feelings on the chicken wrap fiasco, can we draw our attention to Mary’s murder of choreographed movement? Sure, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul can sing her heart out like no other and grooved a bit for all the King’s lunchtime crew, but stepping to the beats has provided its own set of awkward moments.

Mary’s moves showed promise, as proven in the clip for 1992’s “Real Love” …

… but a seven-year hiatus resulted in forced swag in the video of 1999’s “Deep Inside” …

… and continued with 2001’s “Family Affair” …

… before she gave up trying to keep up with her dancers in 2003’s “Love @ 1st Sight” …

… opting instead to go solo with 2007’s “Just Fine” …

… before making another attempt at group moves in 2009’s “The One” …

… settling on a toned-down effort in 2011’s “Mr. Wrong” …

Sad fact is that our girl is not a dancer. But let’s ask ourselves which is more damaging: the chicken ad or the missteps (!) in her music videos? Yeah, we’re going with the chicken ad, too.

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