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The Ones to Watch [Best of 2012?]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on January 6, 2012

As we say hello to the new year, That’s My Jam predicts the artists who will impact 2012.

Call this a cop-out, but we at That’s My Jam don’t predict any one artist to rule 2012. We actually have a few predictions about what will happen within the music landscape.

First, we think Madonna will score her first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single since “Music” when she releases what we think is called “Give Me All Your Lovin’,” which will be accompanied by a new album, a Super Bowl halftime performance and a potential Golden Globe win (for now a nomination) of a different cut. If she succeeds, she will join an exclusively small club of artists who have had No. 1s in four different decades.

Second, while we do love the urbantronica and electropop that’s been the soundtrack of the last few years, we predict the sound to continue filling the airwaves. But with the recent stripped-down successes of artists such as Adele (forthcoming Grammys and all), Beyoncé and Amy Winehouse; OneRepublic making it a goal for real instruments to return to radio; and American Idol, The Voice and other reality competitions emphasizing acoustics over electronics, expect a few fringe hits with band sounds and raspy vocals to chip away at the slick production of dance-pop-R&B hybrids.

Third, which relates to the second point, with all music coming together and starting to sound the same, look for genres to start making returns to their roots. It will get easier to differentiate hip-hop and dance music, and so on. We also think the marketplace is going to open up and that pop and hit radio stations will feature more oddly juxtaposed songs. We also predict at least one ballad will top the Hot 100 by year’s end.

Fourth, we expect R&B to start breaking away from hip-hop and will demand to be recognized as a separate genre. This will be lead by efforts from artists who have been gone for a minute but have new efforts, such as Johnny Gill, SWV and Karyn White — who arguably reached their peak during the new jack swing and flava eras, which first blended hip-hop and R&B — as listeners will be on the lookout for true ballads about romance and love rather than romps in the sheets.

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