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Announcements, Announcements, Announcements …

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on March 2, 2011

About a week or so back, That’s My Jam 2.0 (as the WordPress version of the blog is known among those of us who write for it — which I guess is just me) celebrated 365 consecutive days of a new post each day. That means from the end of February 2010 until today (March 2, 2011), there’s been a chart, list of new songs to listen to, album review, music video or self-declared witty commentary about the world of dance, pop and R&B music.

I was once told at a blogging workshop that in order for a blog to be successful, posting every day for at least a year was a must. That was the goal I had for myself when re-launching That’s My Jam. I’m very happy to say that goal was achieved and the numbers responded accordingly. From a few hits a month to several hundred, sometimes more than 1,000 views a day, That’s My Jam has grown and slowly established itself among its peers in the blogging world.

That’s My Jam is also a time-intensive labor of love and it’s been taking a bit of time away from some other aspects of my life. With that said, I’m here to announce to you, loyal readers, that That’s My Jam will be taking a temporary hiatus. I will still be posting the Charts each Tuesday and will likely post new music each Monday, but the rest of the week may find the site a little barren. This is simply because I need to take care of a few things outside of music, and also want to absorb all That’s My Jam has accomplished and come up with a plan to make it bigger and better than what it’s been.

I love That’s My Jam too much to give it up completely, which is why I want to conquer a few things outside of the blog in the hopes of returning to it with a clear mind full of fresh ideas. It’s the least I can do for all of you who have been so supportive over the past year, or rather, the past four.

Stay tuned, and still feel free to contact us, I mean me, at


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