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Wynter Gordon – The First Dance [Reviews]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on November 10, 2010

Wynter Gordon made spring and summer special with her single “Dirty Talk.” During and after its success, fans wondered when dance’s new powerhouse would release her debut disc.

The wait is sort of over thanks to The First Dance, an EP collecting 6 upbeat tracks, one of which is a remix of “Dirty Talk.” The Denzal Park version doesn’t fully capture the fun or commercial nature of the original, but it’s no less danceable — or any less worthy of being included in this compilation.

Also present is Gordon’s latest, the Freemasons-produced “Believer,” whose symphonic melody transcends Wynter’s voice into the realm of a religious experience. Rhythm Masters and MYNC‘s “I Feel Love” is a tribute worthy of Donna Summer, as Gordon’s much shorter version perfectly replicates the original’s flavor, while still impressing with the range in Wynter’s voice. This track side by side with “Right Here” (the Famties remix) proves Gordon can keep her dance music diverse.

Speaking of, “Renegade” is a bouncy set-starter that touts pop elements, while David Guetta‘s “Toyfriend” is equally playful and pop radio-ready.

The one major gripe about The First Dance is that it’s too short, especially if the rumor proves true that a full-length is on the way. We would have preferred one whole album, one that included the original “Dirty Talk” and a few of the other stray singles we’ve been hearing over the years. But the album is a good filler for the time being, one that keeps engaging with each rotation.

That’s My Jam’s Rating:
5. Get It Now
4. Get It On Sale
3. Get It As a Gift
2. Get It To a CD Exchange Store
1. Don’t Get It At All

Track List:
1. “Renegade” feat. Static Revenger
2. “Toyfriend” (David Guetta feat. Wynter Gordon)
3. “Believer” [Club Mix Version] (Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon
4. “I Feel Love” (Rhythm Masters & MYNC feat. Wynter Gordon)
5. “Right Here” (Famties Remix)
6. “Dirty Talk” (Denzal Park Remix)

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