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Vevo vs. MTV and the Return of Music Television [Opinion]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on October 3, 2010


Vevo — “the web’s number one premium music video and entertainment service” — is the product of a partnership among Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and others. It streams thousands of high-quality music videos through YouTube and other online affiliates. If you’ve watched a music video online recently, there’s a good chance it was through an artist’s Vevo channel.

YouTube’s ease and accessibility likely inspired MTV’s creation of the forgotten, but Music Television’s relevance seems especially threatened by Vevo. Despite questions of its profitability, Vevo has the big name muscle and talent behind it to compete with MTV’s online presence in a way that no entity has been able to do in its original medium of television (remember CMC?). The labels involved even have the power to affect what can feature —and aren’t afraid to exercise it.

Sister network BET seems to recognize this and is reportedly close to a deal with Vevo, but word is that the online network is looking to really cross over into MTV’s territory by starting its own TV station and making its content readily available on other devices.

Since the 1980s, MTV has dominated music programming on television. Its status as the top site on TV should have signaled similar success online as a one-stop destination for all things music. That hasn’t proven to be true, and even as the network makes strides on the Internet, a strained workforce and MTV’s “diversification” left its audience hungry for content. (So hungry, that out of the top 10 most watched clips of all-time on YouTube, seven are music videos.) Is it any wonder that American Idol; Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance; and music-oriented Disney acts have skyrocketed to success without leaning on MTV’s crutch?

That’s why we welcome Vevo’s attempt at competition. It just might lead to the return of a once-traditional method of music discovery. While we love going online (and we love when you go online and visit That’s My Jam!), sometimes, we want to look at a screen bigger than that of a laptop. Sometimes, we want someone else to handle the playlist (we can always fall back on the Internet for search-specific styles and information if we’re not pleased). We also enjoy watching videos with friends and family, and miss this time-honored tradition (unless we were lucky enough to have Fuse) taking place in our homes and on big screens, rather than in our cubicles. Hurry up, Vevo, because we’re eagerly awaiting the return of music television.

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