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The Scenario Downstairs – Part 2: Boddhi Satva [Events]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on September 22, 2010

House heads of the global soul variety in Phoenix won’t want to miss The Scenario Downstairs, one of the city’s premier destinations for hybrid world and house music. Tonight’s event at Bar Smith will be extra special, as regular headliner World Famous Rani “g” welcomes ancestral soul king Boddhi Satva. The two men are passionate about music and have amazing skills on the ones and twos. Check out J.Ly’s conversation with World Famous Rani “g” (yesterday) and Boddhi Satva (today).

J.LY: What attracted you to house Music?
BODDHI SATVA: When I first heard the music of Kevin Yost and Alton Miller during a journey I spent in London, it came to me like a revelation almost. I knew this was the music that I would definitely be into. Then, when I listened to Osunlade play live six years ago in Belgium, his sound was such a discovery for me and I definitely knew that it would bridge the gap between my roots and other genres of music I was feeling.

How do you integrate house music with the other styles of music you’ve performed and grew up listening to?
It is something very natural I guess. To me, this music has changed so much that I don’t call it house music anymore and, honestly, I still haven’t got a proper name for it. I guess I’ll just name it “Music that has Soul.”

Would you describe your music as dance-floor oriented or something people can listen to while sitting at home, or something else?
When I create a piece of music, I never try to take any directions specifically. The funny thing is that I always end up with some kind of uptempo to midtempo type of piece. I have no real etiquette for my music once again, but one thing I know is that it’s music I do to heal people’s souls. In other words, you can be home or on the dance floor. I believe that if you are open, you will dance to it and let your inner person feel the energies I put in my sounds.

How does Africa embrace dance music compared to other countries and continents you’ve been to?
Africa definitely is into it, or at least has the potential to be into it. Thing is, most of the clubs owners there are like everywhere else in the world, oriented to music that medias bring to them, with a couple exceptions of course. Africa is changing in many ways, and it is the time for us as individuals to know and see what and how we want to be part of this great artistic move. One thing for sure, people there listen to the music and even if some of them never heard it before, if it is quality, they will dance.

You’ve previously spun in Phoenix at an event hosted by Joe DiPadova — how did you connect with him?
We’ve been connected to each other by our man, the world-famous brother from another mother, the fantastic World Famous Rani “g.” Beautiful people for sure and totally looking forward to playing for all you guys again. Make sure the friends of your friends come with their friends. The more we are, the better it is. Black, white, yellow, green, red, purple ― all the tribes and cultures are welcome.

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