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Christina Aguilera – Bionic (Deluxe Edition) [Reviews]

Posted by on June 9, 2010

The last time we heard from Christina Aguilera, she was being compared to Lady GaGa. This was in 2008 when she dropped her Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits disc. The compilation included new singles in the form of “Dynamite” and the title track, which she performed at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards. It didn’t help the differentiation when she donned a GaGa-esque wardrobe.

Fortunately for us, Aguilera is back with Bionic, but unfortunately for her, she’s being compared to Lady GaGa. Uh oh.

This seems to be a persistent problem with Christina’s body of work: there’s always someone around at the same time doing the same thing.

Remember in 1999 when fans were either Team Britney or Team Christina? Or in 2002, when the battle evolved to include Pink? Or when Aguilera’s 2006 idea for a throwback album was met by Beyoncé’s appearance in Dreamgirls, complete with accompanying soundtrack?

Can Xtina really proclaim she’s “many times imitated, not duplicated, can’t be replaced,” as she says on her new album’s title track?

A weak answer to that question was Bionic’s lead single, “Not Myself Tonight.” The video paid homage mostly to Madonna, but elements of GaGa, Christina Milian and George Michael were showcased in the clip. But remove the image from the song and the composition is classic Christina. The bouncy beat is reminiscent of Aguilera’s debut album, but the lyrics reflect the confidence and sexuality of later hit, “Dirrty.”

More convincing of her originality is “Woohoo,” featuring the hottest female MC in the game right now, Nicki Minaj. Snicki may be in a war of words with Lil Kim, but her duet with Aguilera trumps Kim’s collabo “Can’t Hold Us Down,” not only in raunchiness but also in its club banger qualities.

Taking a trip to a club of a different sort is “Glam,” whose persuasive and purring “let’s get glam” is served with a saucy side of “don’t let the clothes wear you.” Evoking memories of Mya’s “Whatever Bitch,” the midtempo “Glam” is sure to be a favorite of drag shows in the coming months.

Another stroll down memory lane is “Desnudate,” the bass-filled Spanglish banger promoting nudity. “Bobblehead” would fit perfectly in a DJ set between “Desnudate” and Estelle’s “Freak,” as Xtina takes another cue from Pink, specifically the latter’s “Stupid Girls,” and disses her airheaded peers.

Even though we recognize and respect the fact that Christina has grown up, “Sex for Breakfast” is a serious foray into the sensual for Christina. Think of this cut as a continuation of Stripped’s “Get Mine, Get Yours,” but here, Aguilera uses her sexiest asset (her voice) to seduce her companion into a sunrise session. This softer side is also present on “All I Need,” a toned-down ballad with subtle vocals that will surprise Aguilera aficionados.

Though she may not always be the first, she consistently makes a case that she’s one of the best. It’s impressive — upon early listens — that the bulk of Bionic is still memorable. Christina manages to belt like no other on several tracks and she’s clearly comfortable with delivering the cuss words she’s discovered. Taken together, her progression has culminated in a set that’s contemporary, engaging and blends aspects of her previous selves into one solid collection of music.

That’s My Jam’s Rating:
5. Get It Now
4. Get It On Sale
3. Get It As a Gift
2. Get It To a CD Exchange Store
1. Don’t Get It At All

Track List:
1. “Bionic”
2. “Not Myself Tonight”
3. “Woohoo” feat. Nicki Minaj
4. “Elastic Love”
5. “Desnudate”
6. “Love & Glamour” (Intro)
7. “Glam”
8. “Prima Donna”
9. “Morning Dessert” (Intro)
10. “Sex for Breakfast”
11. “Lift Me Up”
12. “My Heart” (Intro)
13. “All I Need”
14. “I Am”
15. “You Lost Me”
16. “I Hate Boys”
17. “My Girls” feat. Peaches
18. “Vanity”
19. “Monday Morning”
20. “Bobblehead”
21. “Birds of Prey”
22. “Stronger Than Ever”
23. “I Am (Stripped)”

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