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Freak City [Things We Miss]

Posted by on April 22, 2010

Debut: 1998?

Last Seen: 1999?

Why We Love It: Freak City was a cable access television show that appeared on stations throughout the United States. It regularly featured electronic music videos, footage from festivals and concerts, and periodically had interviews with artists within the myriad genres. Produced by Arcade America, the show regularly promoted the label’s TranceGlobalNation CD series (see what we had to say about the first installment). The appeal of the show was that hardly anyone we knew watched it. In fact, we only stumbled upon it by accident during college. We happened to be flipping channels at the precise moment when the station that aired it in Phoenix went from showcasing real estate listings to broadcasting Freak City. Talk about random, but our luck turned into an opportunity to see the latest work from Daft Punk, Mark Van Dale and Enrico, and Three Drives on a Vinyl. We were so entranced that we tuned in every Thursday (at least, we think that’s when it aired), despite new episodes appearing every other month.

What Happened? Arcade America folded. We’re not sure when, but we know the last TranceGlobalNation CD (volume six) was released in October 2001. The last time we witnessed a new episode of Freak City was in mid-to-late 1999. Do any of our readers know what happened, or have any insight or memories about Freak City? If so, please share them in the comments section.

Will It Return? We can only hope.

2 Responses to “Freak City [Things We Miss]”

  1. 000 said

    Damn, didnt think anyone remembered this. Used to stay up to watch this–even recorded a few eposides on VHS–but tapes were destroyed. Would love to see these eposides again.

  2. ThatsMyJamRadio said

    Same here. Absolutely loved the show — it was such a treat for those of us who were into EDM when it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. Would love to see some of those episodes again.

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