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TranceGlobalNation [Reviews]

Posted by on April 21, 2010

Though highly popular at the time overseas, trance was a genre of electronic dance music that was still relegated to “underground” status in the United States in 1998. TranceGlobalNation, a compilation from the now Roadrunner Records-absorbed label Arcade Music Group and promoted on the TV show Freak City, is filled with what are considered today as some of the style’s signature songs, which helped trance enter the U.S. mainstream.

A notable contributor to this collection is Paul van Dyk, whose “Words (For Love)” is nearly all instrumental, with a few echoed “words” from a female vocalist, that’s full of upbeat builds and satellite-inspired blips to create an entrancing space atmosphere.

Mark Van Dale and Enrico team up on “Water Verve” (sometimes referred to as “Water Wave”), a “house version” of the popular violin-riff from The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” Andy Nalin and Harry Cane’s “Beachball” is composed of crashing waves, seagulls and island-inspired percussion over an appropriately fluid melody that was remixed on 2004’s “Cruizing,” specifically the Steve Murano club mix by the duo and additional contributors Denis the Menace and Alex Prince.

Energy 52’s classic “Café del Mar,” the Three In One Remix being featured on this set, is a pounding track that’s filled with bass that’s perfectly complemented by the ominous, hollowed synthesizer loops. Not to be ignored is Three Drives on a Vinyl‘s “Greece 2000,” a dance floor-ready track whose composition may convince listeners of the presence of actual string instruments, is one continuous build that results in a climactic explosion that blends some of the best elements of house, break beats and trance.

Though there is some overlay of the tracks, the CD is not mixed in the traditional sense, allowing each song to stand on its own. There is, however, a nice flow to the album and a mix in the tempos to keep the set interesting — which it would be regardless of the order. Though a little harder to find these days, this disc is a perfect addition to the collection of anyone looking to school themselves on the fundamentals of trance or looking to relive their rave days.

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Track List:
1. Energy 52 – “Café del Mar” [Three In One Remix]
2. Paul van Dyk – “Words (For Love)”
3. Vincent de Moor – “Flowation” [UK Mix]
4. Classified Project – “Resurrection”
5. Shrink – “Nervous Breakdown” [Original Rohypnol Mix]
6. Nitro – “Le Plaisir”
7. Da Hool – “Meet Her at the Love Parade”
8. Three Drives on a Vinyl – “Greece 2000”
9. Viridian – “Sunhump” [Mijk Van Dijk Remix]
10. Carlos – “Silmarillia”
11. Andry Nalin and Harry Cane – “Beachball”
12. Love and Rockets – “Resurrection Hex” [Deep Dish Luv ’N‘ Dub Mix]
13. Germinating Seed of Doda – “Upside Din”
14. Mark Van Dale and Enrico – “Water Verve”
15. Sash! – “Encore une Fois”

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