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Dance Mix USA Albums [Things We Miss]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on April 8, 2010

Debut: 1993 (Dance Mix USA)

Last Seen: 1998 (Dance Mix USA 1999)

Why We Love Them: The Dance Mix USA series was an “As Seen on TV” family of compilations that were full of floor-filling club hits. They were kind of like the NOW! That’s What I Call Music discs. The albums — which were joint efforts between a varying combination of the Radikal, Warlock and Quality record labels — showcased hits from the previous year (or years, as was the case with the first two discs). Like the MTV Party to Go series, one song would mix into the next, but unlike the MTV collections, Dance Mix USA CDs were almost exclusively club music. A few pop, hip-hop and R&B records did make the cut, though, and the series had plenty of competition from the Jock Jams, Ultimate Dance Party, Club Mix and MTV series. Dance Mix USA CDs usually cost more than their counterparts, but often compiled more hard-to-find songs. They also brought awareness to who was making the music heard in the clubs, but whose videos were largely absent from MTV.

What Happened? The series went from releasing one disc a year (1993 to 1995) to two annually (1996 and 1997). 1997 saw the release of Dance Mix USA Classics and Dance Mix International. A few box sets were released later, packaging together multiple volumes. Two Best of Dance Mix USA were released that compiled some of the most popular songs featured throughout the series. The final release, Dance Mix USA 1999, was released in 1998. The cancellation has never been explained, but Radikal pulled out of the series after the third installment in 1995 and Quality reportedly folded in 1997, selling most of its properties to Warlock. As the 1990s came to a close, the once popular Euro house and dance-pop sounds that saturated the series were fading from playlists in the States and overseas, making way for the darker trance, teen pop and hip-hop.

Will They Return? Hard to say, but given a resurging interest in dance music, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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