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That’s My Jam Dance Chart – March 2010 [Dance Chart]

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on March 2, 2010

Reading this will make understanding this chart a lot easier, but we have faith in the intelligence of our readers. Since this is the first Dance Chart of the relaunch, there’s not much to say, but in the future, expect commentary about the ongoing up-and-down changes. For now, enjoy the March countdown of the 10 hottest dance records, of which David Guetta and Estelle reign supreme!

Click song titles to see videos or hear audio.

1. David Guetta feat. Estelle“One Love” (-)
2. Inna“Hot” (-)
3. Ke$ha “Tik Tok” (-)
4. Lady GaGa feat. Beyoncé“Telephone” (-)
5. M’Black “Heartbreak” (-)
6. Jus Jack“Smoke” (-)
7. Ameerah “The Sound of Missing You” (-)
8. Morgan Page“Fight for You” (-)
9. AnnaGrace “Love Keeps Calling” (-)
10. Debi Nova “Drummer Boy” (-)

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