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Chuck Love – Bring Enough To Spill Some [Vintage That’s My Jam]

Posted by on February 23, 2010

[Originally published 06.19.07]
Crowds around the world have grown fond of the “Vegas lounge persona” of Charlie Erickson, better known as funky house DJ/producer/remixer/performer Chuck Love.

But the love doesn’t end at his name. As the object being referenced in his first full-length and double-album release, Bring Enough To Spill Some, Love notes that the emotion extends beyond the music. “There’s a lot of it behind the house music experience,” he says. “I like what it does to people at clubs.” He’s definitely an authority. After all, Love did receive a text message during a set at this year’s Winter Music Conference announcing that a happy couple got engaged during his show.

Unlike some of his peers who may cue up the sound of a trumpet or a guitar on a machine for inclusion in their music, the Minneapolis native actually performs the live instrumentation he incorporates into his shows in real time, pulling out anything from a flute to a hookaphone to jazz up his sound.

“It was a natural progression,” Love says of the hybrid act that he’s been honing since the ’80s (even longer if one takes into consideration Love’s learned versatility with a number of instruments and his experiential knowledge of stage performing taught by membership in various bands). He admits he doesn’t bring a strong foundation in skills typically associated with the DJ profession: beat matching and what he describes as the “what’s that track, I gotta have it” mentality. Instead, he feels he contributes a different kind of credibility to his music by infusing the live elements ― and in the future, more theatrics ― into his sets.

Being from Minneapolis, it’s hard to not be influenced by hit makers such as Janet Jackson’s buddies, Jimmy “Jam” Harris and Terry Lewis, but one of music’s most well-known figures also calls Minneapolis home. His name is Prince and he is funky.

“I ran into him once and got an audition for a project he was doing. He saw me play and said, ‘Nice job, man.’ He was a looming force when I was coming up,” Love says of the Purple One. “He has always inspired me with his blazingly funky to the melodic stuff I’m attracted to and he has a deep understanding of music, but loves funk ― and when he does it, it’s all done well.”

Love took notes on Bring Enough To Spill Some. “[The album] is a mix and match of previously released material,” Love says. “It really helps to solidify the DJ presentation and what I do with Om Records.” Love says that disc one, devoted entirely to his own songs, is more “songier,” while disc two mostly contains remixes of other artists’ work.

On disc one is “Long Way Down,” an eerie-sounding, breathy chill track that is further mystified with the introduction of Love’s haunting vocals. “Livin’ At Night” picks things up significantly before transitioning into “Back In My Life,” one of Love’s signature joints that made the rounds on top DJs’ turntables during a previous WMC. The song, featuring fellow Twin Citizens fourfeet, blends the traditional house rhythms with some speedier elements of progressive, all the while maintaining the soulful funk that is Love’s specialty.

On disc two, Love’s remix of Sound Navigators’ “The Grind” is heavy on the horns as they couple with the blurry, video game-esque add-ons that gently ride the track’s bass. His version of Colette’s “About Us” balances between perky beats, break up subject matter and the darker elements of trance without struggling to potentially be classified as both that genre and funky house. Love’s own “Giveitupsista” features a guest spot by one of his pet birds, which he says enjoy contributing during his open-mic recording sessions.

Though the double album compiles some of Love’s best, don’t even think of calling this album a greatest hits collection. “It reflects a short window, but very complete look at what I’ve been doing the last couple of years on the road,” Love says. “[After checking out the album,] I hope listeners will be compelled to come see me live and that I can bond with the listener,” he says. “I want them to say, ‘Chuck’s my new daddy,’ and that this is cool.”

That’s My Jam’s Rating:
5. Get It Now
4. Get It On Sale

3. Get It As a Gift
2. Get It To a CD Exchange Store

1. Don’t Get It At All

Track List:
Disc 1:
1. “Long Way Down”
2. “Livin’ At Night”
3. “Back In My Life” with fourfeet
4. “Bring Enough to Spill Some”
5. “Something Right”
6. “Get Me High” [Album Edit]
7. “Beautiful Thang” with fourfeet
8. “Beatdown”
9. “Never Forget” with fourfeet
10. “Bailando” with Estaire Godinez
11. “Low End”
12. “Next To You”
13. “Soul Symphony” with fourfeet
14. “Spread the Love” with DeMonica

Disc 2:
1. Chuck Love – “Funky-Ass-Beat/Still Funky”
2. Chuck Love & Spur feat. Jennifer Grimes – “Turn On”
3. Ricardo Rae – “Hold On” [Chuck Love’s 666 Mix]
4. DJ Fluid presents Omega – “Keep On” [Chuck Love Top Coast Mix]
5. Sound Navigators – “The Grind” [Chuck Love’s Remix]
6. Andy Caldwell – “Warrior” [Chuck Love’s Bangers & Mash Mix]
7. Matt Shrewd – “Underwater” [Chuck Love Bidness Class Upgrade Mix]
8. Colette – “About Us” [Chuck Love Remix]
9. Chuck Love – “Giveitupsista”
10. White Lotus Society – “Got It” [Chuck Love Remix]
11. Troydon – “Learn To Love” [Chuck Love Remix]
12. Tim Fuller – “Cheap Advice” [Chuck Love’s Cheap ‘n Smoove Mix]
13. Formidable Force feat. Heather – “Affection” [Chuck Love’s Lo-Fat Remix]
14. Li’Sha Project – “Feel” [Chuck Love’s Feel Up Vocal]

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