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Reflections on Michael Jackson

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on June 28, 2009

There are so many memories of Michael as a fan … the movie Ben, Jackson 5, Thriller jacket, glove, MJ buttons, fights at school that he was the best! You know everyone did the moonwalk at the street corner and anywhere! I’ll never forget the two best music videos ever: “Billie Jean” and “Thriller.” Also, “We Are The World!” We did a music recital based on this song. I owe a part of my childhood to Michael ― he was a bright spot in a dark childhood.
~ Cindy, Phoenix

I remember one of the first videos I ever saw was “Billie Jean.” Even though the meaning of the song escaped me at the time, watching MJ dance across that light-up sidewalk was enthralling. Say what you will about the King of Pop, but he could dance like no other ever has or ever will.
~ Alex, Miami

My history with Michael Jackson goes back to the early days of the Jackson 5. I remember my youngest sister’s screams every time anything involving them came on TV or the radio. I remember being envious of their afros, I could never grow a fro that big because my father wouldn’t allow it when I was really young and even when he loosened up a bit (right about the time when big fros were on the way out), I realized my tight, kinky hair just wouldn’t do it. Even though I liked a lot of the early Jackson 5 songs I don’t think I really appreciated his talent until around 1980. He had made solo albums by then, but it was listening to The Jacksons Live album that I truly started to realize how talented that man was. That’s still one of my favorite albums (that intro to “Can You Feel It” is classic). And, of course, there was Thriller. I was a freshman in college when that album came out and though I never bought a copy (I think I’ll do that today), I know every song on it. You couldn’t get away from it. The first time I ever went to a club I had the unfortunate luck to be dancing in front of the speakers when the DJ mixed “Thriller” into the mix. That horn blast at the beginning of that song still kind of makes my head throb. My roommate sophomore year did a remarkably comical interpretation of the “Billie Jean” video one night while we were walking to the store. That album, Prince’s 1999 (can’t tell you how many “who’s cooler, Prince or Michael” arguments I had) and oddly enough, Eddie Murphy’s comedy album, Delirious, were the soundtrack to that first year of college. He had a lot of great songs after Thriller, but I think he (and a lot of fans) had a hard time believing that was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of album. But I guess if you don’t strive to create something great, you’ll never do it. I’ve always wondered what he might have gone on to do if he hadn’t gotten weird.
~ Weldon, Phoenix

There are simply no words to describe how deeply saddened I am regarding Michael Jackson’s sudden death. His music touched millions of individuals all over the world. Michael was a unique talent and human being and his legacy will definitely carry on forever. He was truly the greatest. May he rest in peace and God bless his family, friends and everyone who loved him.
~ Frank, New York

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