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iTune-Up – Michael vs. Justin

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on June 5, 2009

There have been comparisons between Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, but how do they compete? Their dancing, their sounds, their subject matter, that’s for you to decide in this playlist matchup between the two pop powerhouses. Twenty performances in a variety of categories and one together. Who do you think comes out on top?

Click here for the playlist

The Categories

Aggressive Love
Michael Jackson – “In the Closet” vs.
Justin Timberlake – “SexyBack”

For the Disco
Michael Jackson – “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”
vs. Justin Timberlake – “Rock Your Body”

A Song of the Same Name
Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back”
vs. NSYNC – “I Want You Back”

With Janet…Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty!
Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – “Scream” vs.
Justin Timberlake featuring Janet Jackson – “(And She Said) Take Me Now”

In a Group Setting

Jackson 5 – “ABC” vs.
NSYNC – “Bye, Bye, Bye”

Pure Funk
Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” vs.
Justin Timberlake featuring T.I. – “My Love”

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated
Michael Jackson – “Smooth Criminal”
vs. Justin Timberlake – “Like I Love You”

Those Darn Women
Michael Jackson – “Dirty Diana” vs.
Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River”

So the Drama
Michael Jackson – “Thriller” vs.
Justin Timberlake – “What Goes Around (Comes Around)”

Power Ballads

Michael Jackson – “She’s Out of My Life”
vs. NSYNC – “Gone”

NSYNC featuring Michael Jackson – “Pop” (Live from the 2001 MTV VMAs)

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