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Sound Off – Kaskade: The Om Remixes

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on January 20, 2009

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Om Records already has one of the most talented rosters of funky house DJs around, and their A&R man Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade, has remixed several of the label’s biggest hits. His new collection, The Om Remixes, reinterprets some of the best San Francisco-style house tracks for a mostly pleasurable listening (and dancing) experience.

Epitomizing this sound is Mark Farina‘s “To Do” [Kaskade Carry On Mix], which utilizes deep bass tinged with break beats crispness before building to a horn-infused, rhythm-pounding climax. Equally percussion-driven, though more tribal in melody, is Afro-Mystik‘s “Natural,” the Kaskade Roots Remix that is composed of bongo-originated beats paired with a narcotic set of vocals. The set opener, Colette‘s “Feelin’ Hypnotized,” induces a trance-like harmony with angelic echoing over a continuous beat.

“If I Fall” [Kaskade Soulshower Mix] is a classic contribution to the collection from Naked Music NYC that relies on organic instrumentation to complement the incessant pounding house rhythm, while King Kooba‘s “If I Could” lives up to its remix moniker (Kaskade More Pop Mix) and could easily find placement on late ’90s/early ’00s genre playlist.

Things mellow out on “Builder” [Kaskade Let’s Make Out Mix], Rithma‘s stripped downtempo groove that’s full of trancey atmospherics and live instruments. Kaskade himself closes the set and keeps the BPMs slow on “Steppin’ Out” [Kaskade Chill Out Mix], a cut with shivering vocals laid over a melodious guitar.

The Om Remixes flows from track to track and keeps the set diverse with the mellow songs that close out the disc. There are plenty of party starters, a few obscurities and couple of tracks that are average and easy to overlook, but in all, the album is a fun addition to a true house aficionado’s collection.

That’s My Jam’s Rating:

5. Get It Now
4. Get It On Sale
3. Get It As a Gift
2. Get It To a CD Exchange Store
1. Don’t Get It At All

Track List
1. Colette – “Feelin’ Hypnotized” [Kaskade Mix]
2. J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science with Omega – “Rainfall” [Kaskade Remix]
3. Mark Farina – “To Do” [Kaskade Carry On Mix]
4. Afro-Mystik – “Natural” [Kaskade Roots Remix]
5. Rithma – “Love & Music” [Kaskade Remix]
6. Naked Music NYC – “If I Fall” [Kaskade Soulshower Mix]
7. Colette – “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” [Kaskade Mix]
8. Mark Farina – “Cali Spaces” [Kaskade Remix]
9. Colette – “What Will She Do for Love” [Kaskade Big Room Mix]
10. King Kooba – “If I Could” [Kaskade More Pop Mix]
11. Rithma – “Builder” [Kaskade Let’s Make Out Mix]
12. Kaskade – “Steppin’ Out” [Kaskade Chill Out Mix]

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