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2008 Year in Music Review – The Flashback

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on January 12, 2009

As we say hello to 2009, That’s My Jam would like to reminisce about the songs that rocked our world (or didn’t) in 2008

New music is fun, but older music deserves its props. We find older songs often receive as much play in our music collection as their newer counterparts, and for good reason. The classic that received the most spins is 2008’s Flashback: “How Can I Ease the Pain” by Lisa Fischer.

Runners Up:
“Got a Love For You” by Jomanda
“Why You Getting Funky On Me” by Today
“The Question” by Noel
“A Day In My Life” by Lisette Melendez
“Wrap My Body Tight” by Johnny Gill

What was your 2008 Flashback? Let us know what and why ― along with your first name, city, state and county ― by e-mailing

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