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Christina 2.0

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on December 1, 2008

Christina Milian is back on the scene with a new single (“Us Against the World”) and a new label (MySpace Records). Check out what she has to say about her upcoming album’s sound, parting ways with Def Jam Records and her ultimate career goals.

THAT’S MY JAM: What can we expect with this upcoming album? Is it going to challenge what’s already out on the radio? Will it be something fresh and new?
CHRISTINA MILIAN: That’s a great question. That’s everything that I’m doing right now. I’m so into challenging myself and challenging what’s on the radio right now. I mean, it has a taste and a hint of where I’ve been waiting for music to go, which is to an international sound. For me, I think I bring more of ― a very feminine approach to this album. Not so much ― I said feminine probably on my last album in a way where I was like, “Oh, I can relate to the girls” and I was dealing with a really hardcore situation like a breakup. In this case, I feel really happy, I feel really good about life. I feel like I’ve grown into a woman that is, I don’t know, I feel like I have a different presence about myself this time around. It’s not so child-like; it’s more [that] of a woman. So I’m really excited about that. The records definitely represent that. I have my fun records for the girls and, of course, I have my more passionate records that are just, like, real things that I think real women and girls deal with. And I have people like Kanye West on the album, I’m working with AkonPitbull is on the album. He’s fun, that’s for my, like, well, I’m Latina, so I gotta make sure I bring that flavor to a record as well.

OK. So how did the deal with MySpace records come about?
You know, it was kind of random. I had no idea in the first place that MySpace Records even existed. I knew people promoted records on MySpace, and as time went by, you would hear little things here and there that they were creating a label. A friend of mine ended up being an A&R over there and he was trying to find me. He called a whole bunch of my friends and was like, “Is she signed yet?” And I was actually in the middle of looking for a deal, but I wasn’t too happy with what was coming my way because everything was not so traditional. Right now, the music industry is in a place where they’re a little bit selfish and it’s all about the money and, “How can we get all the money?” because they’re not making any money [laughs]. So when MySpace came along, that’s a very well-established company alone, so it was more of an independent situation and I actually liked that. It was new and refreshing for me. I knew it was going to take some work, because when you’re not dealing with the traditional label, it’s different money, it’s different staff, you kind of [have] to hire outside staff and stuff. But I knew I would be down for the count to see what it was going to be like because at the end of the day it’s like charades: you’re either going to get it right or you’re not. I play my role, which is just being the hard worker that I am, and with them, they liked what I do and respect what I do and decided I would be a good artist for them. And I thought it would be a good place for me.

It seems to be working so far because when I was on your MySpace page today, it said something about 40 million plays of the songs on your page. That’s crazy.
Yeah, we’ve had millions of streams of my page alone, and I just can’t believe how many people are interested in seeing what’s going on and listening to my songs. I put up my video blogs and do fun things like that to keep everybody entertained. And also, I just like doing that stuff [laughs]. I’ll be like, “OK, film this real quick,” and I’ll edit it and put it up real quick, so yeah, there are millions of people that are going through my page and actually checking out my songs, and I find that there’s been more and more interest and development with “Us Against the World.”

How do you think the fans are going to react to the album? Do you think that they’ll be excited for it and be like, “She’s back!”?
Well, if they’re true fans, I definitely think that. That’s for sure. I think they’re going to be really excited that I’m back. I had so many people for a while there, when I was in limbo, where I was kind of like, “Do I do this again or do I not?” And I had so many supporters that were like, “Christina, we love you as an actress, don’t get us wrong, but we can’t wait for you to come back out with music ― please!” They’re true fans and people that have stuck by me since day one and I go on all my little Web sites and keep in touch with my fans, and I was just looking for fan response to kind of see what they were interested in and they really wanted the music. And for me, I really wanted the music and I’ve always been passionate about my music. It’s just a scary business to deal with. It took some time and I think they’re really going to like this album.

Do you kind of see parting ways with Def Jam as a blessing or a roadblock for your career?
Ooh. A blessing. It was a block for a moment there, it was a shocking moment and very just, like, unexpected. It was very unexpected for me. And it was a week after my album ― it just came out. When that happened it was really unexpected for me and I didn’t know what to do and where to go and I had been with them for over eight years, so it was like, “What am I gonna do now?” And then, on top of that, all the rumors and things they were putting out there, it just didn’t look good. And none of them are true by the way, just so you know, people, let’s clear that up. But I am a businesswoman, and I don’t go out there and start [inaudible] about my business. So, I stayed out of the game for a second, which I think was the right thing for me, and at the same time I think it was a blessing because I think it’s good for me to be with people who actually care about me, care about my career, and respect me and actually like me as an artist. And are not just trying to tell me what to do, what to wear, how to sing, what I should sing, you know? I have always had my own style, I think, and there have been certain songs that have exuded me that were decisions I made, like “Dip It Low,” “AM to PM,” you know, those type of records are the ones that I made choices to make. And even “Say I,” I loved that record. That was something that the record label wanted me to record, but at the end of the day it was a great record, too, but had they given it the right opportunity and the right chance, I think would have been very, very successful. And it was on its way for sure.

What do you have in terms of a vision for your comeback? And for your ultimate legacy?
I have visions of a diva [laughs]. And I don’t mean diva in the terms of it being like an attitude or a change in my personality or things like that. I really feel like I want to be a respected artist in the future, where someday I make music that will last the test of time. And when I’m older I can be like Tina Turner and Diana Ross, and tour with my songs and people come see my shows and I really want to make a lasting impression. So, for the next 10 years I hope to do more acting and films. I really see myself, in 10 years especially, going more aggressive with my acting career, but in this time now when I’m young and working it, I’ll be working both the acting and the music and being a hot mama [laughs].

OK, and I know you’ve got a movie coming out soon with Matthew McConaughey.
Yeah, I have a movie called The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey. I shot that and I think that will be out in February 2009. I also did Bring It On, the new cheerleading movie. I think it’s now called Bring It On: Caliente, so it’s very Latina. I’m the lead in the movie, and it was so much fun for me to do, so I think that’s coming out in August 2009.

Check out Christina Milian’s article, “Christina 2.0,” in the December issue of 944 magazine, available now in Phoenix.

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