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Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on July 16, 2008

The Latest Must-Haves, Must-Sees and Must-Reads

As the group whose beginnings are based in acid jazz with a heavy influence of funk, categorizing Incognito may seem simple, but the group has also released a number of remix albums, diversifying their repertoire into electronica. The fusion of all the genres is present in the quartet’s latest effort, Tales From the Beach. The percussion-driven set opener “Step Aside” features a chorus of empowerment, as the female lead singer questions the double standards of her relationship. “I’ve Been Waiting” follows the melodical road map of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” before taking a detour with vocals in the style of (yet smoother than) Jamiroquai. “Love, Joy, Understanding” is a “dance-lite” track full of blaring brass that serves as a natural accompaniment to Incognito’s interpretation of laid-back house music. The album is great for fans and those looking to stretch their appreciation for jazz, R&B and dance.

Like a little humor with your house music? Check out Chuck Love’s new single, “People Clappin’ (Change Is Comin’),” on which Love has remixed a sermon by the political lightning rod Rev. Jeremiah Wright over a hard bass line on this whimsical track. This song is sure to be a big club hit in the coming months.

The theme of the latest issue of VIBE magazine is The Real Rap Issue, with features on the game’s best verses, MCs and an entire article dedicated to 1988: the smorgasbord year of rap music that featured heavy hitters such as Public Enemy, MC Lyte and KRS-One. Young Jeezy also has a feature and, for the first time, is the magazine’s cover boy.

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