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In Case You Haven’t Heard …

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on July 14, 2008

A Quick Serving of News and Gossip from the Music Biz

The only person giving New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez a run for his money in the tabloids these days is, coincidentally, Madonna, whose brother will release his memoir of the pop star this week. (Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, Rodriguez and Madge have been rumored to be romantically involved, with his wife recently filing for divorce and Madonna’s marriage with Guy Ritchie receiving some serious public scrutiny, despite denials of their intentions to divorce and any involvement with Rodriguez.)

Strangely, it’s Britney Spears to the rescue, as she’ll be recording footage for Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet Tour. Spears will reportedly be caged in an elevator, thrashing around before delivering 2007’s best yet most overused catchphrase, “It’s Britney, bitch!”

Rumors are also circulating that Spears may join Madonna on some of the dates, but if so, could the shows possibly feature some new material from the album she’s working on with Rodney Jerkins? The new material is said to be very aggressive and uptempo. Also on the new album front, with all discs set to released this year or next, are efforts from Grace Jones, Robin Thicke and Portishead.

Akon will also be releasing his third disc, possibly featuring a recently leaked single with Michael Jackson. In an effort to revive his career, Jackson has reportedly been in talks with collaborating with New Kids on the Block, who themselves are collaborating with New Edition (minus Bobby Brown?) for a song on their forthcoming release.

Speaking of forthcoming releases, Quantum of Solace, the next James Bond flick, has had more contenders for its theme song than we care to remember. Latest news indicates that Duran Duran, who recorded a track for A View to Kill in the ’80s, have thrown their hat into the ring, but word is circulating that Alicia Keys’ song with Mark Ronson has actually been chosen for the film’s score.

Shakira has chosen a recording, touring and merchandising deal with Live Nation, though it hasn’t yet been revealed if it is similar to those of the aforementioned Madonna and Jay-Z. It is, however, worth millions of dollars. Though not worth money, but highly honorable, are the accolades for Paula Abdul and Kylie Minogue, who were awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Tremaine Dance company and recognition as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to music and the entertainment industry, respectively.

Awarded a second chance is Teairra Marí, who signed to Def Jam records at the same time as Rihanna, but was dropped from the label soon after hitting the scene with her single “Make Her Feel Good.” Along with a new single titled “No, No, No,” Marí has a new deal with Interscope Records, a spokesmodel deal with Love’s Jeans and a role in an upcoming film called Doorman.

And finally, out at are former editor in chief Tami Fenwick and former reviews editor Jeremy Armitage, who resigned from the site, citing a very thin line between the advertising and editorial departments.

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