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Sound Off – Craig David: Trust Me

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on June 24, 2008

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Craig David
is one of the few artists capable of making the foray from 2Step to American hip-hop-laden grooves. This ability, coupled with his silky-smooth voice, explains why fans are willing to shell out good money for his import singles and albums. His latest effort, Trust Me, showcases less of the material listeners have come to expect from David, as this album’s focus seems to be journeys down some exploratory paths.

“Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)” is pure pop, utilizing the same ear-catching melody of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” that Puff Daddy borrowed for “Been Around the World.” The instantly recognizable beat helps the lead single propel the set into the energetic, trumpet-blaring “6 of 1 Thing,” in which David questions his love’s mixed messages, lying and lack of desire to work out their relationship. (Listen for more band-oriented sounds, with tinges of Latin influence, on the disc’s title track and “Don’t Play with Our Love.”)

“Awkward” is more than just a name for the strangely put-together track. It truly captures Craig’s feelings of regret for letting an ex-girlfriend go and the heart-dropping strain to his psyche when he sees her wearing what’s likely an engagement or wedding ring. “Kinda Girl for Me” samples The Stylistics’ “You Are Everything” and, appropriately, an infatuated David lists all the qualities in his woman that makes him love her. The midtempo “She’s On Fire” finds Craig dabbling in a mellow, reggae-style delivery on some verses, while a guitar and a string section helps the melancholy “Top of the Hill” before David offers his take on current hip-hop trends with “This is the Girl.”

Even after the explosive and highly radio-ready first track, the rest of the album will definitely challenge fans’ expectations who are looking for another “What’s Your Flava?” “Fill Me In” or “7 Days.” This is likely due to David’s very personal third album, The Story Goes …, receiving limited commercial exposure in the U.S. Those who heard that album won’t be as surprised at the direction of Trust Me, but those who didn’t that are willing to give his new album a shot will find a much more organic approach to music that’s fun, but capable of delivering a message.

Track List:
1. “Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)”
2. “6 of 1 Thing”
3. “Friday Night”
4. “Awkward”
5. “Just a Reminder”
6. “Officially Yours”
7. “Kinda Girl for Me”
8. “She’s On Fire”
9. “Don’t Play with Our Love”
10. “Top of the Hill”
11. “This is the Girl”

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