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New Single by AZ Yet – "Share Life"

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on May 14, 2008

AZ Yet, a former group of five, has now become two groups of four (long story). One of those is comprised of original members Marc Nelson, Kenny Terry, Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen, and they have a new single called “Share Life.” The single has already been getting some airplay, but before it hits the general public, That’s My Jam would like to invite you to enjoy this exclusive preview from the group’s upcoming fall release.

One Response to “New Single by AZ Yet – "Share Life"”

  1. Shana said

    The correct spelling of the name of the group is Az Yet (the “z” is not capitalized…. and the best news of all – the group is back up to 5 members! There was a press release about it 2 weeks ago. Check out their myspace page. And the new single hit Napster and Amazon today!

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