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Dynamic Duo

Posted by ThatsMyJamRadio on June 22, 2007

Nervous Records’ Eddie Amador (left in photo) and Rod Carrillo (right) are hosting a tag-team DJ set on Friday, June 22, at e4 Nightclub in Scottsdale, Ariz. The four-hour session celebrates the release of the duo’s latest single, “I Wish You Well,” which features singer Nina Lares. That’s My Jam chatted up the pair about collaborating, the state of dance music and their tour.

THATS MY JAM: What inspired you to get into music?
EDDIE AMADOR: Music is something that has always been in my mind and all over my heart. Having a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from ASU, you might think that I was a total geek ― and I am, with a brain for calculus and physics, yet a love for house music.
ROD CARRILLO: It was something that I started doing when I was a teenager and it grew from there. In Miami, seeing how people reacted to the music was an inspiration for me, so I went out to buy turntables and start mixing.

How did you two meet?
AMADOR: It was after I returned from the Netherlands, last year or so.
CARRILLO: Eddie and I met in Phoenix. We clicked and decided to perhaps do some work together. The first track was “The Feeling,” then he played “Spotlight” for me and I asked to be part of the record, and the rest is history: “Arizona Bump,” Mickey Oliver’s “I Know It’s You,” Jennifer Carbonell’s “Time” and, of course, “I Wish You Well.”

Why did you decide to work together on “Spotlight” and “I Wish You Well”?
CARRILLO: Eddie and I balance each other out. We have a common goal, but different strengths in production and the music business. We both felt that we could do well on our own, but as a team we could achieve greater success.
AMADOR: And I am always looking for positive people that see things on a global level. Small thinking does not impress me, I’ve seen too much.

Speaking of global, what do you think of the current state of dance music, the venues that play it and the people who party to it around the world and in the U.S.?
AMADOR: Dance music is huge in Europe. Just look at the venues in Paris, Amsterdam and Greece. London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, Chicago, Bogotá, Mexico City, Korea, Moscow, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Venezuela, Miami, Toronto, Säo Paulo, Zurich, Istanbul, Düsseldorf (the home of Kraftwerk), Mykonos, Leipzig, Croatia, Tokyo … all are great! The problem is that the USA is currently engulfed with hip-hop. I got over that in the 1980s.
CARRILLO: I believe that dance and electronic music’s pendulum is coming back around to a larger mass appeal and you see a lot of venues taking more chances with it. I also believe that the dance aficionados are very intelligent, have a strong knowledge of the music and seek out proper venues for it.

Why Scottsdale and e4 for the Nervous Release Party?
CARRILLO: Arizona is our “barrio.” We both went to school here and made it out here, so I felt it was proper to start the Nervous tour here, too.
AMADOR: And why not? Is there a better place in Arizona?

What’s next for each of you?
CARRILLO: I have the new Martha Wash, “Keep Your Body Workin’” and “High” by Kim Applebee coming out in August or September, and “Electro Pop” by Jupiter Rising in July. Eddie and I are planning our new single for October or November …
AMADOR: … As well as making a dent and an impact in the dance music scene!

Top 5 Songs these DJs spin to fill the floors:

AMADOR (“OK, you get 6.”)
1. Eddie Amador – “House Music” [2007 Remix]
2. Amador & Carrillo – “I Wish You Well”
3. The Bobbleheadz – “Everybody’s Doin’ It”
4. Amador & Carrillo feat. Georgia Nicole – “Spotlight”
5. Gap Band – “Yearning For Your Love”
6. Depeche Mode – “Martyr” [Paul Van Dyk Remix]

1. D:Fuse & Hiratzka – “Massif”
2. The Bobbleheadz – “Everybody’s Doin’ It”
3. Rod Carrillo – “Arizona Bump” [Peter Brown Mix]
4. Soul Shakers feat. CeCe Peniston – “Shame, Shame, Shame”
5. Scumfrog & D:Fuse – “Stereo & Video”

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